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New XNG #BombTrucks Drop Yard in Sidney, Delaware Co. leaves Dangerous HAZMAT vehicles UNATTENDED in an UNFENCED yard!

New XNG Drop Yard in Sidney NY
What Could Go Wrong!?

Attention Sidney, NY!!

Xpress Natural Gas (XNG) has a new "Drop Yard" for their High Consequence #BombTrucks on the NE corner of NY-7 & NY-8, behind Catskill Shed Co. It is a muddy, UNFENCED lot!

Take Action Below!!

What's a "Drop Yard"? It is a swap point. Some drivers bring up full trailers from Forest Lake PA, unhook it and leave it there. Then they pick up an empty and take it back.

Other drivers bring an empty down from Manheim, drop it, and pick up a full one, take it up to Manheim.

For about a month or so, XNG has been observed to be taking a new route up NY-8 to Utica, and then to Manheim. We think they are taking this new route due to the resolutions against the trucks in Otsego Co.

This route is longer than the 205->28 route, so we are **guessing** this new drop yard (similar to 440 Prentice Rd. in Vestal) is to give an intermediate stop, to shorten two legs of the route, to allow drivers to complete 2 round trips in a 14 hr shift.

These HAZMAT vehicles are being left UNATTENDED for hours at a time. They have risk of EXTREME CONSEQUENCES like fire or explosion beyond any other vehicles on the road. They are known to spontaneously vent. They could be tampered with by some kids (talk about having a bad day!) or used for a terroristic purpose.

Site: NE Corner of NY-7 and NY-8, behind Catskill Shed Co., in a muddy, UNFENCED yard!

PS: There are NO SPECIAL RULES for these drop-yards, and because these high-pressure CNG tanks are on wheels, they are not subject to DEC permits for bulk storage facilities.

We need to fix a DOZEN different laws and add new regulations to address the special risks of these vehicles.

11 tons of methane has the same potential energy as 130 tons of of TNT, or 11x MOABs, the most powerful non-nuclear weapon in the US arsenal.

This has been independently verified by 5 PhDs, including Dr. Anthony Ingraffea (Physics), Dr. Dennis Higgins (Mathematics), and Dr. Ron Bishop (Chemistry)

OK-- a worse-case scenario might be rare... but are you willing to take your chances on such a High-Consequence "Black Swan" event? (cf. "Precautionary Principle")
These vehicles can explode without a source of ignition!
In a fire,Type-4 CNG tanks can turn into a giant flamethrower if safety devices called "Thermally Actuated Pressure Relied Devices" .... WORK AS DESIGNED!!!

There is no doubt, these are EXTREME CONSEQUENCE VEHICLES!

WARNING: Even "Big name" Environmental NGOs and Academics are spreading FALSE and DANGEROUS Industry Talking Points about the safety of High-Pressure Type-4 Composite CNG Tanks! YES, THEY DO EXPLODE, and YES there have been fatalities!

XNG's executives have told some OUTRAGEOUS lies to first responders about the safety of their vehicles.


Please contact any of the following:

NY State Police, Troop-C, 607-547-2233. Describe your concerns to the dispatcher, then ask for Commercial Enforcement:

New York State Office of the Attorney General's Environmental Protection Bureau at 518-776-2400

NYS DEC 24-hour, toll-free hotline for reporting environmental violations: 1-844-DEC-ECOs (1-844-332-3267)

NYState DOT: 518-457-6195

NY Dept. of Homeland Security, emergency services(DHSES) Office of Fire Prevention and Control (OFPC): (518) 242-5000 Ask for Christopher Gould

Delaware Co. Sheriff: 607-832-5555

Map of location.

Two new facilities in NE PA are under development. So the number of High Pressure #BombTrucks entering NY every day is about to TRIPLE! From 100 to 300 trucks PER DAY!

Where are the NY Statewide groups
helping to fight these vehicles!!!?

PS: We CANNOT do this work without Public Support. That means YOU!
Please donate to you can:

Thank You!!

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Hexagon Composites 3Q2018 investor call

[My highlights look like this:]

SA Transcripts

Hexagon Composites ASA (HXGCF) CEO Jon Engeset on Q3 2018 Results - Earnings Call Transcript

Oct. 31, 2018 10:57 AM•hxgcf

Hexagon Composites ASA (OTC:HXGCF)

Q3 2018 Earnings Conference Call

October 31, 2018, 03:30 ET


David Bandele - CFO

Jon Engeset - Group President & CEO


Hans-Erik Jacobsen - Nordea Markets

Halvor Nygård - SEB


David Bandele

Welcome back, everybody. My pleasure to present the Quarter Three 2018 Hexagon Composites Market Report. As usual, we will start with the group highlights, and then I will take a short business update, touch on the summary group financials, and Jon Erik will join for the outlook and question-and-answer session.

Just another reminder, we have a more detailed segment financials in the appendix to this presentation. We won't go through it today, but it's available on the downloaded copy from our website.

So quarter three, unfortunately, temporary weakness in sales, driven by two main factors. Firstly, Mobile Pipelines' volumes were weak in the quarter. Good news is we used the capacity wisely, our manufacturing capacity. We have a very strong backlog for quarter four, so we've actually been building inventory forward as necessary to service quarter four.

The largest impact though was Light-Duty Vehicles, and this was heavily impacted by the worldwide light-duty vehicle testing program, WLTP. This is as guided last quarter. I can say that our key European customer had virtually no sales, so this really hurt the quarter three numbers. Good news is that is sales that don't go away and they've already started again, so they just postponed to future quarters.

Agility Fuel Solutions, our 50% investment in the heavy-duty, medium-duty space, very strong profitability for the quarter, and it's great to see that the Heavy-Duty Truck has begun an upward cycle. Also, just recently, we announced the Digital Wave acquisition. Jon Erik will cover that well in his section, but this is an acquisition that gives us control of a unique testing technology for pressure vessels, and more to come on that. So business update. Very pleased in October to announce our third OEM, or automotive manufacturer, FCEV, so fuel cell electric vehicle serial production contract. That's key. It's actually our second largest contract to date, and for a combined value of development and serial production of - in the range of NOK420 million to NOK590 million. And if you recall in calling June, we announced our second OEM contract, so the combination of the second and third contract are in the range then of NOK1.4 billion to NOK1.8 billion in revenue.

Also, as guided previously, we would need a CapEx investment program to service both of those contracts. So there's no additional CapEx to what was guided previously, and that is in the area of NOK300 million, and that will run through to 2020. We're obviously also able to customize the timing of that CapEx according to the customer's desires. And one key thing is that, particularly the long-lead items, this CapEx is partly backstopped by the customer. So very good news going forward, and Jon Erik will touch on the Hydrogen outlook in his section. For financials, revenues then were NOK276.7 million, so the left-hand side. That's a reduction of 22% year-over-year from the NOK352.8 million recorded then. So one of the biggest impacts, as we've touched, is this pause in Light-Duty Vehicle volumes mainly due to that global emissions testing program. We also note that, in 2017, we had extraordinary sales income to Agility of around about NOK21.5 million, and that hasn't repeated in this quarter this year.

If we go over to EBITDA in the middle, we recorded NOK39.2 million for a margin of 14%. That's a drop of NOK12 million from previous year. So that Agility income has also followed through into EBITDA last year, so that hasn't repeated this year. However, when you look at this quarter, there were two major impacts impacting the NOK39.2 million. On the positive side, we have a net impact of two factors. The first one is obligations of earn-out payment that are connected to our acquisition of xperion in 2016. Those obligations are connected to performance, and a lot of that performance is connected to the Light-Duty Vehicles.

So where the Light-Duty vehicles performance has dropped, as we've seen with the WLTP program, this also means that our obligation to pay the earn-out has reduced. And the impact of the reversal of the obligation is plus NOK50 million, but the delayed revenue impact is minus NOK28 million. So the net positive impact of NOK22 million does impact favorably the NOK39.2 million recorded EBITDA in the quarter. Other thing to bear in mind is that we are still bearing then the dilutive impacts of Hydrogen, which is our growing business. Those dilutive impacts were negative NOK15 million in the quarter.

Going over to the right-hand side and net profit, we turned NOK12 million reduction year-over-year in EBITDA to a plus NOK16 million in net profit, so that's a spread of plus NOK28 million. Biggest factors there is Agility's pickup has contributed favorably year-over-year, so plus NOK14 million, with a strong uptick in profitability in Agility. We also have favorable currency effects of NOK5 million, and tax charges positive NOK12 million. So net profit recorded of NOK32.6 million for quarter three 2018.

So let's start on the left-hand side with those reported numbers, NOK276.7 million in revenue and NOK39.2 million in EBITDA. I think it's important also to isolate Hydrogen. Hydrogen is a special - is in a special phase. You've seen the size of those contracts in the future. The returns are very promising in the future. We will have to invest now. So that will remain dilutive for a while, as we have guided. But let's have a look to the right of what the normalized performance of the rest of the Hexagon businesses is.

So the Hydrogen in the middle, you can see it contributes to NOK28.9 million to revenue, and as I said, just around about NOK15 million negative to EBITDA. And to the right-hand side, if we normalize that revenue or correct for the Hydrogen revenue, it's NOK247.8 million in revenue. Let's back out those impacts from the earn-out obligation and the delayed revenues, and we get an EBITDA then of NOK32.2 million normalized, for a 13% or double-digit EBITDA margin. So rest of Hexagon business healthy. Of course, we are carrying the dilutive impacts of Hydrogen.

On the detailed income statement, I will just refer to the margins at the bottom. To the right-hand side, it shows the full year 2017, so we closed on 12.2% EBITDA margin and a net profit margin of 4.8%. This quarter, quarter three, we were above that on the EBITDA margin as you see, but also our profit margin 11.8% is, as you saw, quite impressive.

Looking at the segment revenues, on the left-hand side is quarter three 2017, I've stripped out the extraordinary income from Agility of NOK21.5 million. And when we look at year-over-year from left to the right, you can see that there is some fall on LPG revenues year-over-year, small impact there.

On the Hydrogen and Light-Duty Vehicles side, there, you see the - primarily the effect of the WLTP testing. So much lower revenues. And in fact, within those revenues in Light-Duty Vehicles, there's is actually some legacy business revenues that are not Light-Duty. It's actually bus systems business that was not transferred to Agility. So that dampens the effect that you see on the top line. Mobile Pipelines though, pretty much flat year-over-year.

So Agility Fuel Solutions, that is our 50% investment into the heavy-duty, medium-duty sector, a unique vertically integrated cylinder and fuel systems company. I'm presenting here their actual results on the ground in U.S. dollar millions. You can see from the five quarters picture to the right, revenues and margin have been depressed since quarter four '17.

Good pickup in quarter one, continued pickup in quarter two and then really now, the momentum on an upward cycle of the heavy-duty truck, so that's over-the-road truck really coming back and going back very strongly. So we recorded $48 million in revenues, that's the highest quarterly revenue we've had since we had made the acquisition in quarter four '16, for an adjusted EBITDA of $6.3 million or 13% margin.

So actually, those Heavy-Duty truck revenues in quarter three, greater than the combined revenues in quarter one and quarter two. Also, high Transit Bus volumes in the quarter, very strong year-over-year growth there. And the Refuse Truck sales, or garbage truck sales, continued their upward trend '18 versus '17. Also, Agility remained fiscally very responsible, a profitable business, good liquidity and fully funded.

When we look at the balance sheet, increased since the previous quarter. If we look to the left, you can see the story on the assets side, very much a large growth in inventories. As I said, we built forward for Mobile Pipeline given the strong backlog that we have and also for the WLTP program, and we knew that was coming. But we also know the ramp-up is coming and we have also ramped up ready for - or ramped up or built forward in Kassel ready for those sales to come in future quarters.

On the right-hand side, given that we anticipated the effects of Q3, we also dampened those by drawing more on our revolving credit facility; so hence, the increase in interest-bearing debt to mitigate the impacts of working capital. So we closed the quarter with 61% equity ratio, so very solid balance sheet, and net interest-bearing debt at NOK326 million.

On that note, I ask you, Jon Erik, to take us through the outlook.

Jon Engeset

Thank you, David. Good morning, all. So the backdrop of our business remains one of strong reasons for the world to shift from traditional fuels to natural gas, hydrogen and biogas. So you will have noted the last UN report urging for action and also the remaining relatively high oil prices, both drivers, very important and very strong for our business at this point in time.

On the Hydrogen side, as we've talked about in this room for several quarters, we made the strategic decision in 2017 to really invest in this area, not without risk, of course. At this stage, I think we can conclude that the strategy was absolutely right with the third OEM on the Light-Duty side secured. We have confirmed or reconfirmed the basis for our Hydrogen strategy, and we are fully motivated to continue that effort in terms of CapEx but also the necessary organizational ramp-up and competence development.

So we see that there will be another couple of years where this business will be dilutive until these programs come into serial production, expected from 2020 or late 2020 and then full pace from 2021 when we will get payback on the investments that we are making in this phase.

What is very satisfactory for us is also to see how much is going on, on the Heavy-Duty side of the business. So this really came into focus in the first half of this year. We have partnership with New Flyer in North America, and we have delivered 20 buses, and we expect much more coming in North America on the bus side. And we also noted that Hyundai is going to deliver more than 1,000 trucks into Switzerland, which is another strong confirmation that the Heavy-Duty segment, there is very strong rationale for you - for thinking in terms of Hydrogen when electrifying the heavy-duty sector.

Also, we've had a breakthrough in the quarter with our ground storage applications. We've received U.S. DOT, Department of Transportation, special permit for our ultrahigh pressure 950 bars, [Yikes! 13,800 psi!!!! --BH] and we've had similar first orders to - and deliveries to the Netherlands, and order to Canada for this system. So this is related to filling stations and other storage requirements for hydrogen, for example, at the production site.

Moving on to the CNG Light-Duty Vehicles, that is the segment that has caused us some heartburn in the quarter shown by this dramatic fall after a very steep growth in the first half. Then this WLTP program created difficulties for the OEMs. They were not able to deliver or sell CNG cars in the quarter. But we see now, in Q4, that we have resumed sales. We will not maybe come quite up to Q2, but not far off. And the underlying market development is one of strength. So going into 2019, we expect this very strongly growing trend that we saw in the beginning of the year to continue with full force.

And we see that from this graph on to the right there, that not only in Germany but also in the largest CNG light-duty market in Europe. Italy, we've had significant growth in the year so far. And we see also other markets coming from a very low point, but starting to grow strongly. So this is related to the biogas rationale. If you look at this graph to the right, it is the emissions of different fuels, and depending on the mix of biogas and natural gas, you have a very attractive proposition environmentally.

Also, CNG is a cheaper fuel and there are subsidies in many countries. The graph to the left here shows the lifetime costs over seven years for a CNG vehicle in Germany. So these are the underlying drivers, and I think a lot of governments have gone the circle looking at electric vehicles and then concluded that CNG is part of the solution.

Moving on to Mobile Pipelines. So as David already mentioned, Q4 looks very strong. Some of the contracts that we secured in the quarter, we were not able to start deliveries in Q3, so those will be then delivered in Q4 and Q1. Very favorable fundamental drivers for 2019. Good natural gas diesel spread, and also, the underlying environmental reasons to go nat gas.

One of those is also in the States biogas, renewable natural gas as they term it in North America. And they have a system of tradable green credits, which make investments into biogas facilities. Financially very attractive, and you see also a number of large players investing in this field. And these sites are, by almost nature, often in stranded locations, so that mobile pipeline technology for many such sites is key in order to transport the gas.

Digital Wave, my good colleague Jack Schimenti calls it the holy grail of composite technology. We've talked about it before. We have had the development program with Digital Wave over three years to develop technology, as you see here on the photo, voiding hydrostatic testing. So we place sensors onto the tanks and listens to the integrity of the structures. It's much a more efficient and a much higher precision method of analyzing a tank. The Department of Transportation has actually passed a regulation now that if TITAN rolls over, it has to be tested with acoustic modal emission technology in order to confirm the robustness of the tanks and then recertify for further use.

We see very important application of this not only for the mobile pipeline solutions but also for other pressure cylinders, not only for gases but any type of pressure cylinder and also in other types of materials. So the primary purpose is to secure this key technology as a service to our customers on the Mobile Pipelines side, but we also see a number of strategic opportunities to apply the technology in other areas, and that is something we will develop through 2019.

LPG. This line here, it's not Donald Trump's wall, it is what you would get if you put all the cylinders sold by Hexagon Ragasco over the years next to each other. 15 million, a milestone passed in 2018.

The year looks to be a record year volume-wise, approaching 1.8 million cylinders. The product mix is somewhat less favorable than we had last year, but the volume is very, very satisfactory. Q4 is looking strong, always some uncertainty with respect to letters of credits, but our prediction at this stage is that we will have, as I said, a record volume year and very, very satisfactory performance overall.

Agility. So again, the difference, the delta between natural gas and diesel gallon equivalents is at the high, very attractive level, more than $1.50 for the large consumers, strong reasons for the fleet owners to consider conversion of their fleets to natural gas. And we predicted this, but as we discussed at the beginning of the year, there is always a time lag. These decisions are not taking - taken overnight, but now we see this translating into high demand and into higher deliveries.

So Q3 was good. Q4 looks very good, and we expect this strong trend to continue into 2019. Small concern at this stage, the overall U.S. trucking industry is at the very high level, and there is shortage of chassis. So that could push orders into 2019 for us. But those would not be then lost sales, but could impact the fourth quarter negatively. But still, we expect a very, very good Q4 for Agility.

Also, the transit bus market in North America is strong. The European transit bus market is all-time high. It's the same thing as I commented on the light-duty side, a lot of decision-makers in cities and communities have taken a close look at the electric vehicle alternative. They have come around and they've seen that the natural gas, and especially the biogas option is, in most cases, a better option and a cheaper option, more economical option, and that's a big reason why this market is now coming back after a couple of weak years. Also, the refuse truck market continues to be strong.

So summing up, strong underlying market development, strong macro conditions. We expect a good Q4, especially driven by pickup in the CNG LDV segment, Agility and the strong Mobile Pipeline quarter. And we are planning for continued dilutive effects from the Hydrogen through this ramp-up phase, that which will continue through 2019 and 2020.

So with those closing remarks, David, please join me, and we welcome questions.

Question-and-Answer Session

Q - Hans-Erik Jacobsen

Hans-Erik Jacobsen, Nordea. Are you seeing the interest from the OEMs turning from battery electric vehicles to fuel electric vehicles? And also, are you seeing a different push from the different OEMs in Asia versus United States and Europe?

Jon Engeset

So at this stage, I think there are two hotspots: it's East Asia, so Japan, Korea; and it's California. And then we see Germany now developing the infrastructure, but obviously, the infrastructure needs to be put in place before you can expect major volumes. So I would say it is those two areas that are most active. We note that most of the larger OEMs are taking a close look at fuel cell technology. I think most of them expect that as real mainstream alternative, we are talking 2030 and beyond. So we are not talking a large percentage. But as we have explained before, we begin - assume 1% adoption by 2030, then that means massive business opportunities for a company like Hexagon.

Halvor Nygård

Halvor Nygård from SEB. On the funding side, you acquired Digital Wave for $7.5 million and with a quite ambitious growth program for the Hydrogen division, acquiring some CapEx and divestments, and also some other potential deals and strategic actions out there. How do you assess your balance sheet going forward? And how do you look at the different funding availabilities for you now?

Jon Engeset

Maybe you can fill him in, but as David explained, we have more than 60% equity, so we feel that our balance sheet is very strong, that we can do a lot of both nonorganic and organic steps with the current balance sheet. And then I think in the phase we're in, we have a number of options should we wish to expand the capacity.

David Bandele

Then to just supplement, back to - you remember when we are looking at the Japanese joint venture, so that is obviously a structure that is open to us on different opportunities going forward, for example. But yes, strong balance sheet. We do have accretive businesses, as you know, aside from Hydrogen, so they continue to return good cash flow going forward.

Halvor Nygård

All right. And on Agility, we saw quite a strong rebound alongside the increasing fuel spread, 13% EBITDA margin for this quarter. Just curious to know your - what is the potential and the earnings potential for this business as you see it? And then how high - or what's driving the operational leverage and how high can the margin go?

David Bandele

I thank if I lead off on that one. Again, you probably recall 2014, we are still maybe not in the refuse and the transit bus, but certainly in the heavy-duty truck sector, the adoption rate is still around about 1.5%, I'm talking about North America. If we were to be responsible in growing that, we should be part of the price dimension as well, not to dampen that growth. So in terms of margins above 13% to 15%, I think we should be more focused on growing the volumes out there. And certainly, with that adoption rate at 1.5%, I see a lot of upside to gain market share versus diesel. So pretty much the same drivers that we saw in 2013/'14. We begin to see that again, high spread of CNG price to diesel. But what is different than the last time is the environmental factors are much stronger. We see a lot more sustainable focus. So I think this time when it comes through, there'll be a lot more focus on the environment. You see the low NOx nitrogen oxide engine from Cummins. That's one of the key factors.

Unidentified Company Representative

Any other questions? No? And today, there are no questions from the web audience. Thank you.

David Bandele

Thank you very much.

Jon Engeset

Okay. Thank you very much for being with us this morning. Have a good rest of the day. thanks

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New investigation: 6/2/2018 XNG rollover crash in Albany.

PLEASE SHARE! ... and if you can, please donate to support my work.

This is my first of two MAJOR investigations which I am working on:

On 6/2/2018, an XNG tractor trailer crashed pulling a heavy, HAZMAT, high pressure Quantum trailer and rolled 270 degrees, destroying the power unit (tractor) and seriously injuring the driver. The crash took out 12 box beam guide rails, 16 posts, and 2 delineators.

The standard procedures were not followed (ERG), flares were used (what could go wrong?!)... 3 of 4 lanes on the Thruway remained open. The driver, who was "bleeding badly from the face, hands, and feet" was not transported to the hospital until 10:40, 2.5 hours after the event began.

Despite being placarded, the truck's cargo was not correctly identified by first responders as HAZMAT ("empty methane tanks") for 16 minutes into the event. There were no evacuations, despite densely populated area (2 hotels, a restaurant, and a gas station all within 1,000'ft). US DOT Hazmat inspectors from PHMSA where turned away by the Thruway Authority. (WTH?!)

NYS DOT Hazmat was called out for a spill of 5 gallons of DEF fluid.

The driver was seriously injured, but transport was no confirmed for 2 hours 40 min later. The driver said the trucks lading tanks "were empty", but there was still approximately 2,000 lbs of explosive compressed natural gas (CNG) in the "unloaded" configuration. Anything less can damage the tanks. Even unloaded, this is a HEAVY combo, weighing in at about 70,000 lbs.

Neither the MV-104A (accident report) nor the DOT inspection performed by NYSP notes the VIN number of the shipping container (only the trailer chassis, and the tractor). There was NO MENTION an any report of what seems like possibly the root cause of the accident: a seriously bent forward-rear-driver's side trailer wheel.

This was 2.5 miles from the Albany Capitol Complex, and 2 miles from Governor Andrew Cuomo's mansion.

EVERY OTHER rollover crash, the road was closed for 12 hours, all utilities disconnected to prevent sparks, and tanks were vented.

Question: Why was the protocol so different for this crash, so close to the State Capitol? Why did first responders fail to identify the trailer as HAZMAT, and potentially explosive? Why does NTSB not investigate each crash of a trailer like this like an airplane crash?

Why does it require a couple of amateur citizen-sleuths to put this all together instead of the government regulators?

I believe there were MANY errors here which put human lives in harms way.

PLEASE DONATE to support my work documenting the MANY hazards of Type-4 CNG carbon fiber composite #BombTrucks. (Link in the comments)

Stop the #BombTrucks! (group discussion)
Stop the #BombTrucks (announcement page)

MANY THANKS to Craig Stevens and Ray Kemble for research assistance.

William Huston:
Binghamton NY

Public Service Mapping / Videography / Research
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Monday, September 10, 2018

'Bomb Truck' Crusade Grew Out Of Frack Fight

'Bomb Truck' Crusade Grew Out Of Frack Fight
Sentinel Stands Guard Against 'Bomb Trucks'
He Tracks 'Virtual Pipeline'


When it comes to risks involved with natural gas trucking, he is considered by many to be the foremost local watchdog.

At every public meeting, at every crash scene, at every mention of the word "XNG," Bill Huston is there, providing a wealth of curated data to inform the public.

"I'm very lucky in that I guess I'm kind of known as the go-to guy right now," Huston said in an interview in his rural home in North-eastern Pennsylvania. surrounded by computer and camera equipment.

Every few minutes, a fracking truck would roar by.

Born and raised in southern New Jersey, family ties brought him to New York's Southern Tier.

"My father was from Waverly, NY, and my mother was from Sayre, Pennsylvania," he said.

Huston attended a two-year junior college in Dallas, and became a computer programmer after graduation. After living in several places across the country, Huston gravitated to the Binghamton area.

His intense interest in the "virtual pipeline" -- "bomb trucks," he calls them-- that sends 80 XNG trucks back and forth through Otsego County daily grew out of his opposition to fracking.

Fracking -- hydraulic fracturing to free natural gas from shale -- is underway in Northeast Pennsylvania, although it was banned in New York State.

"I didn't get into the fracking fight until 2010," said Huston, who calls himself the director of the Stop the Bomb Trucks Coalition. "I have a lot of talents, but the talent I was contributing was videography."

For six years, the man and his camera could be see at almost every town hall meeting where fracking was being discussed. He also interviewed several prominent figures in the local fight against natural gas drilling, including Cooperstown's Lou Allstadt and Otsego 2000 President Nicole Dillingham.

Then, in 2017, he had his first encounter with an Xpress Natural Gas truck.

"I was sitting behind this box truck, and I look up and see a HAZMAT symbol," said Huston. "I looked at that thing, and to me, I thought that was so odd to see a box truck with HAZMAT 1971." He Googled the code on the sign, and it cam back: "compressed natural gas."

From that moment on, Huston began researching the compressed natural gas trucks, gathering as much data on them as possible. He keeps an online log of all the information he collects in an online spreadsheet.

According to Huston, XNG mainly uses three different trailers, and he has a wealth of information about each one: Loaded weight, unloaded weight, carrying capacity, height, width, even potential energy of the gas in gigajoules (a measure in in the industry) for each trailer used by XNG, all laid out in an online spreadsheet for the public to observe.

For those interested, the url for the spreadsheet is

Huston seems to always have his hear to the ground in regards to natural gas. When an XNG truck rolled over in the Town of Hartwick last year, Huston was on scene within hours taking pictures of the accident. He credits an intricate web of insider informants who tip him off.

"I have some confidential sources that clue me in," he said, "Let's just say that I have some friends that work in the New York State first responder community, and I have a source that has tipped me off about two of these (incidents) now."

As a leader in the anti-natural-gas movement, Huston has faced scrutiny from opposing camps.

But one of his most controversial moves came when Huston began calling the compressed natural gas trucks "bomb trucks". Thankfully, no XNG rig has exploded yet, but he calculates that one trailer carries the explosive equivalent of 120 tons of TNT.

According to Huston, he has received a great deal of backlash from both sides for using the term "bomb truck" to describe the XNG trucks.

"The term 'bomb truck' is scientifically valid," said Huston. "So why don't people like the term? Because it's so shocking. So they block it out."

Huston is currently traveling around New York State, holding seminars to educate people about the potential dangers of the XNG trucks that he studies. Huston held an event at the Foothills Performing Arts Center on Wednesday, Sept. 5, with fellow researcher Craig Stevens.

William Huston:
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Announcing #BombTrucks101! (Ithaca, Oneonta, Endicott/Vestal)

The Stop the #BombTrucks Coalition
with support from Halt the Harmed Network
invites you to 

#BombTrucks 101:
Understand the Risks!

Presented by 
Craig L. Stevens
co-written w/William Huston

THREE shows:

Tompkins County Library
♦ 101 E Green Street, Ithaca NY
Tue 9/4 @ 2:30 PM

Foothills Theater 
24 Market St., Oneonta NY

Just Added!
Endicott Public Library 
1001 Park St., Endicott NY

Admission: Free
Come learn the risks.

This is HUGE...
...the Next Big Thing, friends.

We need an ALL-INCLUSIVE movement,
like how we defeated fracking in NY.

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Monday, August 20, 2018

Call Cuomo Monday: Stop the Bomb Trucks!

It's Call Cuomo Monday! Stop the #BombTrucks!  ★★ Please call 1-877-235-6537 TODAY and say,

"Governor Cuomo, please HALT all dangerous high-pressure CNG 'Virtual Pipeline' tube trailers (#BombTrucks) until there is an Environmental Impact Statement under SEQRA!"

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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Just Published! #BombTrucks101 + Invite to CRITICAL Oneonta board mtg

Mni Wiconi - Sat Chit Ananda - Tat Tvam Asi

Hi everyone--

Announcing: #BombTrucks101!

Big news! Please check out my new document:

I've been working on this for weeks.
I hope you find it helpful in your efforts to Protect Water and Life.

Constructive criticism appreciated.
(There is probably too much detail in certain places.)

I'm still hearing some pushback on the use of the term #BombTrucks.
Not sure why. Some are really smart people!

"Whatever you do, don't say 'Bomb Trucks!'"

Here's a joke:

Q: How many Ithaca PhD's does it take to calculate the explosive potential of
    11 tons of methane, in terms of TNT equivalent?

A: None I can find. But someone like me with 2 years college can?

Hey, IT'S A JOKE!!

I love, respect, admire, and cherish the friendship of all my really smart friends
with advanced degrees. I think you all have done amazing work. I have great
adoration for you....

Still, I feel like I'm doing Defense of my PhD in #BombTrucks!

That's OK. Ithaca is a "tough room". High standards, which I hope to meet.

I hope I can get more of my smart-people friends on board with this,
because  THIS IS A BRAND NEW THING. These are not your grandfather's 
CNG Steel Bottle Tank Trucks. 

AS YOU WILL SEE if you read #BombTrucks101
THERE IS NOTHING like these vehicles on the road today.
They are SUPER EXOTIC and require custom ROBOTS to build.

Bottom Line: The term #BombTrucks is completely rational and
reasonable, and grounded in fact and science. Additionally, it
is ethically justifiable and IMO our MORAL IMPERATIVE to
raise the alarm when some new thing comes down the road
which poses such an EXTREME THREAT to our communities.

before an entire neighborhood is destroyed.
Join the Stop the #BombTrucks Coalition.
(details forthcoming)


Lots of recent #BombTrucks activity & news!
  • NG Advantage is Not Dead Yet, and is rumored to be poking around in Springville, Susquehanna County PA. Haha. Maybe they'll purchase the old Grimsley property, may Jim Rest in Piece. This was the site of Vera Scroggins' very first video on fracking. We've heard Ann Van Lenten eventually got fed up and turned against industry, left the area. .

  • Pentagon Energy, long dormant, is suddenly hopping. Proposed site for New Milford, Susquehanna County Pa. They are partnered with CAT CNG. Been tracking them for some time. Unit was formerly Pentacles. (Sounds like weird Illuminati stuff to me.)

  • XNG has had TWO NEW rollover crashes since we last chatted!

    • One was July 11, 2018 in the Town of Exeter, Otsego Co. 911 Dispatch reported the truck was leaking gas. Rt 28 was closed from 16 to Schuyler Lake. 90 min. into the incident, they were still trying to disconnect power and phone lines. First responders were waiting on Verizon and rep from XNG from Forest Lake PA to arrive. The road was closed for about 12 hours.

    • The other was June 2, 2018 on I-87 Thruway in the Town of Bethlehem. exactly 2.0 miles to the Governor's Mansion. The driver was Northbound and full (likely heading to the NYSEG station in Mechanicville) moved from passing lane into driving lane and somehow lost control, going into shoulder striking guardrail just past an overpass. Vehicle rides the guard rail until it ends, destroying 12 box beam guide rails and 16 posts. At the end of the guard rail, the Truck pivots right and flips 270 degrees landing on right side. 911 Dispatch reports leaking gas. Call to NRC reports possible gas leak.

      As far as we can ascertain, normal procedures WERE NOT FOLLOWED. There were no evacuations to 1/2 mile as recommended by the Emergency Response Guide #117 (UN1971 Compressed Natural Gas), and pole utilities were not de-energized, and I-87 was not shut down. Within the evacuation zone, there are

    • two restaurants
    • two hotels
    • a gas station / convenience store
    • ~10 other businesses
    • ~15 homes

    • Just outside is the New York Thruway Authority Building.

      before there is a REGRETIBLE TRAGEDY.

  • You've probably heard the Cayuga Power Plant wants to re-fire with fracked gas supplied on #BombTrucks. What you may not have heard, is that NYSEG has proposed a "Non-Pipe Alternative" to boosting supply in parts of Tompkins County. One possibility...? #BombTrucks! Thankfully, the Tompkins County Legislator Passed a resolution against injecting gas as a solution.

  • Lastly, there is in important Town Board meeting in Oneonta tonight
    on a proposed #BombTrucks terminal there. Could be a big one.
    Town Hall, 3966 NY-23, West Oneonta, NY 13820

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PS: I live on donations and grants.
If you find my work valuable,
I would be EXTREMELY GRATEFUL to receive
donations via Paypal:
(please write for my physical address for sending check or MO)

Thank you!

I have been working on this #BombTrucks 101 document
for about 5 weeks. I would like to raise
$2-$3,000 in donations for this work.
That's like 5 weeks at a living wage.
I've been working on this for about that long,
the backing research for 15+ months.

I am working on a lot of other really cool stuff which you will also be supporting:
1: a MAJOR Safe Drinking Water Act story (getting ZERO help from 501c3s / NGOs), and
2: a Six Hour video of hard-core fracking impacts,
    shot over my last year living in Dimock.
     It's too massive for words. This will blow your minds.

Thanks for whatever you can give.

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New XNG #BombTrucks Drop Yard in Sidney, Delaware Co. leaves Dangerous HAZMAT vehicles UNATTENDED in an UNFENCED yard!

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